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Seminar 2, D4104
The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA 98505


Academic Biography

I've been teaching at Evergreen since 1972. I went to college (at Yale) saying that I was going to be a biology major, but only when my parents' friends asked me and I had to say something. After a year taking care of a roomful of rustling tropical cockroaches in a biology lab and studying with a terrific philosophy teacher (Richard Bernstein), I ended up getting a BA in philosophy and spending a Fulbright year in Paris studying philosophy after I graduated. Then I spent six months at the Yale Law School deciding I didn't want to be a lawyer, and went to the University of California at Santa Cruz to do graduate work with another great teacher (Harry Berger, Jr.) in an interdisciplinary program called History of Consciousness. I emerged with a Ph.D. in English and French literature.

If I'd become a faculty member at a regular college, I suppose that I'd be starting my thirty-third year of teaching Freshman Composition and Introduction to Chaucer (groan...). At Evergreen, I've learned to teach creative writing and developmental psychology and mass communications and a couple of other things. At this point, I typically teach literature in combination with something, in interdisciplinary programs like Reflections of Nature (literature and natural history), or Children's Literature and Lives, or Great Works and What They're Made Of (literature and history and cognitive psychology and art history and computer multimedia).

WWW Projects

I am working on a web project about studying science at Evergreen, and working (really slowly!) on the Evergreen Faculty Curriculum Materials project , a locally-available collection of curriculum materials from Evergreen programs, and on a project about Evergreen Alumni Writers.

Some Publications

"Teaching Self-Assessment"

A short article about self-evaluations and why they matter, first published in the newsletter for Evergreen's Washington Center for Undergraduate Education.

My Evergreen Portfolio

Winter Quarter 1998 I asked students to give me a copy of their evaluations of me to display here. (A couple of students didn't do one, but this is what everybody else said to me in writing at the end of the quarter. (Of course, I don't know what they said about me to their friends in the middle of the night in the middle of the quarter - for that, you'd have to e-mail some of them and ask them...)

  • On Interpretation: Narrative Knowledge - Winter 1998

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