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I'm a Greener from nearly the beginning. Arriving as a student in 1972, I received my first B.A. in 1976.  Then it was on to a Master's at Antioch University in San Francisco.  While living in the Bay Area, I co-founded a sister-city in Nicaragua and received grants to travel, photograph and write in Finland.  My name, by the way, is Finnish: "Marja" means "Berry" and "Eloheimo" means "Clan of the Harvest."  Of course there's a story to tell about the brilliant and eccentric great-grandfather who gave me the name...but that story is for other times and places.  I'm also half Italian and, yes, understanding heritage is important to me personally as well as in my teaching.

 On the topic of teaching, I received a second B.A. from Evergreen in 1990.  This degree in Education allowed me to teach in the public schools, which I did for six years.  I have also taught at Evergreen since 1988.  The first few years I taught summers with botanist, Al Wiedemann, in "Plants in Human Life," a primarily field-oriented course which travels around the Olympic Peninsula.  We still teach this summer course but I also have been teaching in the Part Time Studies Program during the academic school year since 1994. I have taught year-long part-time programs in Ethnobotany and Natural History as well as spring and summer courses in Medicinal Ethnobotany, Plants and Healing, and Issues of Access to Traditional Materials for Indigenous Basketmakers.  During the 1997-98 academic year I will be co-teaching a half-time evening/weekend program called "Ethnoecology of the Pacific Northwest" with Donna Linstead, a Cree educator.

  I am also currently working on my Ph.D. in Environmental Anthropology at the University of Washington.  My area of specialization is Medicinal Ethnobotany of Western Washington. 
    E-mail is an excellent way to contact me. During the 1997-98 academic year I will have office hours by appointment only on Tuesday afternoons.

Office: Library 3207
Mailing Address: The Evergreen State College, Library 3220, Olympia, WA 98505
Telephone: (360) 866-6000 x6448

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