Ideas and Initial Proposals

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The design ideas here grow out of curricular envisioning by groups of faculty. Most of them surfaced during the Governance Groups meetings in 2005-6 and were further discussed during 2006 Summer Institutes and/or the Fall 2006 Faculty Retreat.     

The initial proposals regarding Cohorts, Fields of Study, Up Weeks, and Upper/Lower Division were considered at the Governance Group meetings on 28 February 2007. Initial proposals for a First-Year Experience Cohort and a Flexible Academic Year, and initial considerations about a Semester System, were considered by Governance Groups on 25 April 2007. Thematic Planning Groups were a focus of the Spring 2007 Retreat.

The statements on Advising (by Matt Smith) and A Value Center for the Curriculum (by Rita Pougiales) examine important curricular issues that the DTF did not directly address with Goverance Groups. For more on larger questions about how students can gain a whole liberal arts education and how faculty can develop a shared academic life, see Report and Conclusions.


 Responses to Initial Proposals

Notes from Rita Pougiales and Tom Womeldorff Governance Groups 4-25-07.doc40.5 KB
Notes from Ken Tabbutt and Eddy Brown Governance Groups 4-25-07.doc34.5 KB
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Silk Roads studies.

This field of studies has a unique potential for interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum that can also promote global awareness. Disciplines may include cultural studies, history, geography, arts, economy, globalization, etc. A group of Evergreen faculty have been developing Silk Roads studies in EWS curriculum. More information at: