Curricular Visions

Submitted by schrages on Thu, 03/29/2007 - 2:23pm.

Welcome to the Governance Groups DTF: Curricular Visions website.

Our DTF is charged with guiding faculty discussion of "what adjustments are needed to bring current curricula, responsibilities, and practices into alignment" with Evergreen's mission as a public, interdisciplinary liberal arts college. This work builds on the spirited discussion of these issues begun in faculty Governance Groups in 2005-6. It represents the first examination of the curriculum as a whole since the charging of the Long-Range Curriculum DTF in 1994, which led in 1996 to adoption of the current planning unit structure.

Curricular envisioning of this magnitude is, inevitably, a complicated, messy and long process. It is also exciting. The intent of this website is to help keep the college community apprised of ideas and proposals as they develop, and to provide a forum for responding to these initiatives - including criticisms, questions, elaborations, and more ideas. Whether you are a faculty or staff member, student or alum, the DTF would very much like to hear your comments. Plese feel free to post on the website. The more extensive and inclusive the dialogue and debate, the better the final results will be.

This site contains key documents related to the faculty's ongoing deliberations. For background, you can read the DTF Charge from the Agenda Committee and Provost Don Bantz. Framework is the DTF's summary of the needs for change and criteria for assessing proposals that faculty have identified. Look at Ideas and Initial Proposals for the first versions of initiatives and responses by the Governance Groups. If you are interested in research done at Evergreen that bears on the issues and proposals, consult Relevant Data. Read Report and Conclusions for a summary of the DTF's work in the 2006-07 academic year covering: 1) what has been learned and 2) conclusions and next steps. The DTF anticipates that the process of developing initiatives and ideas will continue over the summer and into the 2007-08 academic year. This work will also involve staff and students.