Andrea Wilbur, Spindle Whorl

asta'bsHil3b axW ti qa'qtu
"The Return to the Swing"
Gathering of Indigenous Visual Artists
    June 23-30, 2001


The Return to the Swing

The "House of Welcome" Longhouse Education and Cultural Center Staff:

Tina Kuckkahn (Ojibwe), Director
Laura Grabhorn (Tlingit/Haida), Assistant Director
Trudi Pulsifer (Muckleshoot/Skokomish), Program Assistant

Gathering Exhibit Co-curators:
Ann McCormack (Nez Perce) Mario A. Caro (TESC Faculty)

Would like to acknowledge the support and contributions of the Longhouse Native Economic Development Arts Steering Committee and Gathering Planning Committee:

Edith Hottowe (Makah)
Bruce Subiyay Miller (Skokomish)
Lillian Pitt (Warm Springs/Wasco/ Yakama)
Ed Archie NoiseCat (Shuswap/ Statlumc)
Joe Feddersen (Colville)
Yvonne Peterson (Chehalis)
Michael Peters (Squaxin Island)
Trudy Marcellay (Chehalis)
Elizabeth Woody (Warm Springs/ Navajo)

Joan Staples Baum (Ojibwe)
Lois Thadei (Aleut)
Pat Courtney Gold (Warm Springs/ Wasco)
Peg Deam (Suquamish)
Cynthia Peabody (Nisqually)
Gail Tremblay (Onondaga/MicMac)
Bonnie James Graft (Skokomish)
Bitsy Bidwell (Washington State Arts Commission)
Brian Alves (Evergreen Galleries)
Drew Crooks (Lacey Museum)

With deep appreciation to the funders and contributors to the Gathering:

The Paul G. Allen Charitable Foundation
The Washington State Arts Commission
The Fund of the Four Directions
The National Endowment for the Arts
Jones and Jones Architectural Firm

Ed Archie NoiseCat - NeoAborignal Art
The Confederated Tribes of the ChehalisReservation
The Skokomish Tribe
The Squaxin Island Tribe
The Nez Perce Tribe

Special thanks to:

South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency, Evergreen Galleries, Quinault Beach Ocean Resort and Casino, Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute, Washington Center for the Improvement of Undergraduate Education, Evergreen Center for Educational Improvement (K-12), The Evergreen State College Foundation, TESC Conference Services, Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges, Washington State Historical Society/State Capital Museum, United Churches, Kayano Communications, and South Sound Heritage Association.