Andrea Wilbur, Spindle Whorl

asta'bsHil3b axW ti qa'qtu
"The Return to the Swing"
Gathering of Indigenous Visual Artists
    June 23-30, 2001


"House of Welcome"

Longhouse Education and Cultural Center
The Longhouse Education and Cultural Center is the first building constructed on a public campus in the United States which is based on Native American tradition. It is a multipurpose facility, able to serve a variety of educational and cultural functions.

The primary work of the Longhouse, as one of five public service centers at The Evergreen State College, is to administer the Native Economic Development Arts Program. The Native Economic Development Arts Program promotes education, cultural preservation and economic development through the arts through four ongoing offerings:

  • Artist in Residence -- Established artists teach emerging artists about contemporary and traditional forms of Native art, including both visual and performing art.

  • Native Arts Marketing Service -- A computerized database of more than 250 Native artists connects individual artists with galleries, event coordinators and patrons.

  • Northwest Native Art Sales -- Two annual art fairs provide well-attended sales opportunities for contemporary and traditional artists.

  • Northwest Native Art Symposia -- Biennial gatherings of Native American artists provide workshops in art business management, traditional and contemporary art techniques, marketing strategies, and other contemporary issues relevant to Native American artists.

"The Longhouse is a magnet for intercultural communication. It is a welcoming symbol for both Native American students and the reservation communities."

Dr. Thomas (Les) Purce,
President of The Evergreen State College