Andrea Wilbur, Spindle Whorl

asta'bsHil3b axW ti qa'qtu
"The Return to the Swing"
Gathering of Indigenous Visual Artists
    June 23-30, 2001


Outcomes and Goals of the Gathering

The Gathering features open studio time beginning on Saturday, June 23, 2001. Gathering artists will have access to studios between 6:00a.m. until midnight every day. Artists will be able to create pieces individually, collaboratively, and across the disciplines. Artists will reserve all rights and ownership to the pieces created at the Gathering.

1. Artists will collaboratively or individually create work that will reflect influences across cultures and art disciplines.

2. Emerging artists will further develop artistic and professional skills through mentorship by the established artists.

3. An international indigenous artists network will be established that will identify and respond to issues relevant to indigenous artists on a global level.

4. Two exhibitions of international indigenous art will result from the Gathering. One exhibition on campus during the week of the Gathering will feature work by each of the participating artists. The second exhibition will be a traveling exhibit which will feature representative pieces of individually or collaboratively produced work from the Gathering. The exhibitions will offer opportunities for the public to learn about and appreciate indigenous art, while at the same time providing new venues for potential patrons to reach the indigenous artists.

5. Media such as written documents, story telling, song, poetry, photography, videography, and documentary film will be used to record and report on the various events of the Gathering. This material will be used to preserve and promote indigenous culture, and to educate the public about contemporary indigenous issues through the development of curricular materials.

6. Public performances, guest lectures, studio tours and exhibitions will allow the public to participate in the Gathering, learn about indigenous art, and meet the artists.


"My work contains themes important to my personal and cultural identity, while commenting on environmental, social, and political issues. This Gathering is an opportunity to broaden and strengthen understandings, and gain new insights."

Jim Denomie (Ojibwe)

painting by Jim Denomie (Ojibwe)
Gathering Participant