Articles and Resources
Video: Rebecca Chamberlain on "Poetic Justice and Transformative Activism."
Chamberlain, Rebecca. “The Power of Story: Words on the Wing,” Liberating Voices! A Pattern Language For Communication Revolution. Ed. Doug Schuler. Boston: MIT Press, 2008
(pdf also available)
The Earth Is our First Teacher: A Poetics of Language and Place.
Explores a poetics and ecology of language and place within various philosophical and literary perspectives.
Earth & Sky Sciences '06 , Syllabus---Schedule
Antioch University, First People's Program at Muckleshoot
Painted Word Exhibit--Notes--The Storyteller--Words Weave The World
Lesley University: The History and Culture of Storytelling, 1991-2006
Lesley University: Poetry Workshop, 2005-2006
Heritage Institute: The Earth is our First Teacher 2005-2006
Heritage Institute: Circle of Life-2004
Before It Was Washington:
 Interview With Vi Hilbert, Skagit Elder (1989)
Northwest Native American Basketmakers Association (NNABA)
handNorthwest Native American Art &  Kids
Lisa McKibben & Gabrielle Levine (1997)