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  1. What is PL 94-142? What is its significance in the education of children and adolescents with disabilities?
  2. When was Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act enacted? Why is this act important to kids in public schools?
  3. What is IDEA? When was it first mandated? Why? How many versions are there currently?
  4. What are the six principles of IDEA?
  5. What are the qualifying conditions for Special Education (IDEA)?
  6. What does IEP stand for? Who gets an IEP?
  7. What does MDT stand for? What is the purpose of the MDT?
  8. What is specially designed instruction?
  9. What are the legal implications of an IEP document? Is the classroom teacher legally responsible for meeting the goals of an IEP?
  10. What are the roles of parents and students in the IEP process?
  11. What are the key elements you must be aware of when you want to get a student services under IDEA and Section 504?
  12. Give two examples of students who would qualify for 504 but not for IDEA.
  13. How are the protections and services different for IDEA and 504?
  14. Give 4 examples of "accommodations".
  15. What does WAC 160 require?
  16. Explain "least restrictive environment" and the implications for the student.
  17. How many life activities must be limited in order for a student to be eligible for a 504 Plan?
  18. In terms of students with disabilities, what constitutes discrimination against the student when a school receives federal funds?
  19. Give five examples of when the school staff should consider and recommend 504 protection.
  20. When are drug addiction, alcoholism, HIV/AIDS, and pregnancy NOT protected by 504?
  21. Diagram the special education process from referral to change of program.
  22. What are the four essential components of a free, appropriate public education for disabled students?
  23. How are the definitions of learning disabilities different for IDEA and NJCLD?
  24. List 5 signals that indicate possible learning disabilities.