Constructivist Classroom - Here is another set of annotated links on constructivism. Some the links lead to sets of annotated links others are to articles.

Constructivism in the classroom

Looks like part of a San francisco State College online course. It is a list of characteristics of both traditional and constructivist classrooms. It has links to other aspects of what constructivist teaching and learning are about. Seems to lack a clear set of guidelines about the teacher's leadership roles are.

The Road to Knowledge is Always Under Construction

Here is a quote from the intro to the article. It is a good description of the article. Is a summary of a Master's thesis by Audrey Gray, University of Saskatchewan, entitled "'The Road to Knowledge is Always Under Construction': A Life History Journey to Constructivist Teaching". Employing a qualitative research approach and a narrative reporting style, Ms. Gray explores the journey of Pat Gray, a Saskatoon English language arts teacher, towards the development of a constructivist approach to teaching and examines the ways he incorporates ideas and strategies into his teaching practices. The research provides insight into the process of teacher change and development and raises questions about teacher professional development that have implications for the way constructivist and transactional curricula are implemented.

It spends some time on the roles of a teacher in a constructivist classroom.

Constructivism as a Paradigm for Teaching and Learning

From PBS station WNET channel 13. One of a series of online courses on the basic topic "Concept to Classroom." Starts by trying to answer the question "What is constructivism?" and has many links to follow with embedded videos. It is an elaborately constructed web site that tries to describe all parts of constructivist teaching and learning.

Constructivism a Better Way A web site sponsored by AT&T. Note that several of the links were broken. I copied the page down and noted which links are broken.

This link takes you to a page of other links in the middle of what appears to be an AT&T site on knowledge and learning. This page links to lots of other pagers on constructivist teaching and learning. It is quite a labyrinth but has lots of good stuff in it. For example buried deep in the math section are a couple of examples of activities that would help students to construction their understanding of geometric concepts. Also I found a page that has links to lots of "ideas" about how teach math and science in a constructivist manner.

The two links to lesson plans on this site are broken. However by following down some other links I got to the NCTM Site: Illuminations. It as a bunch of lesson plans for math teachers. They will, of course, have to be adapted to fit our criteria for good lesson plans.

Assessment in a Constructivist Classroom

A list of 12 rules adapted from Brooks and Brooks, . In Search of Understanding: The Case for Constructivist Classrooms. This book is widely quoted so may be a good place to start reading.

Creating a Blueprint for the Constructivist Classroom

A brief article from the National Teaching and Learning Forum, (NTLF). NTLF seems to be an education journal. James Rhem is the editor and publisher. The article is based on Bloom's Taxonomy.

Chapter 4, Constructivism

Appears to be a chapter from an on line text from a course at Texas A&M on Educational Technology. A concise statement about what constructivism is. The other chapters of the text are there the links at the bottom of the page are not correct:

Title Page, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

The other links in the chapter don't appear to work either.

Individual Knowledge and Negotiated Meaning - A Constructivist Classroom

An article from a web site called Wikibooks. Wikibooks is a site where free books are written collaboratively like Wikipedia. Article (as it was when I read it) gives a good description of constructivism and some of the issues associated with it. I think it has some good examples of why one should consider constructivism.

Construction Knowledge in the Classroom

A publication of the Eisenhower Southwest Consortium for the Improvement of Mathematics and Science Teaching. Another slightly longer explanation of constructivism. This article was also linked in the 4th link on this page.

Constructivism in the Classroom

Math Forum is from Drexel University. This page has a brief description of constructivism and a page of annotated links to resources on constructivist mathematics. Not all of the links work.

Conflict resolution in a preschool constructivist classroom: a case study in negotiation.

An interesting case study. It seems relevant to our other workshops on conflict resolution.

The Challenges of Sustaining a Constructivist Classroom Culture

An article from the Phi Delta Kappan, an education honorary. It addresses many of the questions I have heard from the our cohort. I didn't find any silver bullets, however.

The Constructivist Classroom: Everyone Teaches, Everyone Learns

An article from the faculty forum blog at Stony Brook. A quick example of an application constructivist methods.