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You should capitalize the first word of the title or sub-title only. Be sure to underline the title in whole, making sure to include all punctuation. Include dates, edition numbers, or volumnation within parentheses and make sure to include the publishers entire name.

A book with one author

Bush, G. W. (2000). How I became president. Yale: Gilbert.

A book with more than one author

NOTE: All authors are to be included, again by last name and initials.

Stilson, R., Pederson, S., Rognas, L. (1999). Librarian: A tutorial in being informative.     Olympia: Evergreen Press.

An edited book

Stilson, R., Pederson, S., Rognas, L. (Eds.). (2003). Daniel J. Evans: the man, the     mystery, the mission. Olympia: Evergreen Press.

A book with with no listed author or editor

Finding the right book. (2003). Philadelphia: Paperback Publications.

A work in several volumes

Johnson, P.R., & Wilson, L. (Eds.). (1999-2002). Handbook of grantwriting (Vols. 1-4).     Princeton: Princeton University Press.

A work with a corporate author

NOTE: If the publisher and the author are the same entity, be sure to list Author instead of repeating yourself.

Friends of the Evergreen Library. (1991). Dusting your shelves. Seattle: Author.

A government report

National Institute of Mental Health. (2003). Libraries and silence: A summary report of     research (DHHS Publication No. ADM 34-22934). Washington, DC: U.S. Government     Printing Office.

One selection from an anthology

NOTE: Do not underline or enclose in quotation marks the title of the selection from an anthology. Also, if you intend to cite more than one selection from the same anthology be sure to include an entire citation for each entry.

Evans, D. J. (1973). Money, state, and building a college. In P.S. Rothenberg (Ed.),     Administers, public and private: An integrated study (pp. 354-374). New York: St.     Micheal's.


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Like with books, the APA dictates that article titles and sub-titles should only have the first word capitalized. You should not however, underline or enclose in quotations the title of the selected work. But be sure to underline and capitalize all major words of the periodical title, and as well underline the volume number and punctuation included. Also, be aware that APA style means that you must include page numbers using pp. in regards to newspapers and magazines, but not when citing page numbers from volumnated periodicals.

An article in a scholarly journal with continuous pagination through an annual volume

Moore, M. (2002). The plight of modern man. Journal of Social Issues, 27,583-601.

An article in a scholarly journal with separate pagination in each issue

Johnson, J., & Moore, J. (2004). College starvation: the new eating disorder. American     Analysis, 21 (10), 1-34.

A magazine article
Lyttle, L. (1999, June). The new wave of administration. Psychology Today, pp. 61-65.
A newspaper article (signed/unsigned)

NOTE: If your article is from a newspaper and appears on two separate pages then APA dictates that cite the pages as given.

Rielly, J. W. (1999, November 16). What happened to Kerry. The Wall Street Journal, pp.     A1, A14.
Fallout: Kerry 2004. (2004, November 12). New York Times, p. A7.

A letter to the editor

Frank, S. (2004, October 19). Where has all the grammar gone? [Letter to the editor].     Los Angeles Times, p. A22.

A published letter

Moore, M. (1963). Letter to Bob Dylan. In Janis Joplin, Roadie: The good,the bad, the ugly     (p. 231). New York: Oxford University Press.

Electronic Sources

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Article from online periodical

NOTE: If the selected periodical appears both online and in print then you do not need to include the URL in thecitation; instead, be sure to include after the title "Electronic Version" within brackets as sown below.

Fisher, J. (1997). Ancient art in modern mediums [Electronic Version]. Art & Technology,     35, 234-321.

NOTE: If the selected periodical does not appear in print, then be sure to include the date you accessed thesource and the URL that it can be found.

Fisher, J. (1997). Ancient art in modern mediums [Electronic Version]. Art & Technology,     35, 234-321. Retrieved July 3, 2001. from`grppoc/crunchy.htm

NOTE: If you are citing an article that you found within an organizations searchable site, you do not have to include the URL for the exact site, but only for the home page.

Moore, M., & Frank S. (2002, June 18). Election Shakedown. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved     July 3, 2004.

Nonperiodical Online Article

Cowan, J. P. (2004, March). Finding your future abroad. [13 paragraphs.] Wall Street     Journal [Online serial]. Available http: wall-street

Abstract on CD-ROM
Wilson, L., Johnson, J. P. (2004). Forgetting to sign your grant. [CD-ROM]. Going the     Distance, 23, 654-674. Abstract from: GoldenFork File: PsychLit Item: 40-2323

Abstract or Article from Online Database

Wilson, L., Johnson, J.P. (2004). Forgetting to sign your grant. [Online]. Going the     Distance, 23, 654-674. Abstract from: DIALOG file: PsycINFO Item: 40-2323

Computer Software

Frank, S. (1991). Beating the GRE (Version 5.0) [Computer Software]. Chico, CA: Sierra     Software.

Other Sources

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Dissertation Abstract

Waldhausen, J.H. (2003). Issues of thoracic surgery in post-apocalyptic society (Doctoral     dissertation. University of Hawaii, 1996). Dissertation Abstracts International, 57,     3280A

Motion Picture

Soderbergh, D. (Director). (1999). Congestion [Motion Picture]. United States: MGM     Studios.