Water in the Law and Environmental Sciences

Research Sample (Law)

Plan A - Six Weeks or More

Step Two: Narrowing Your Topic

Our college provides reference librarians to assist you with this. Here is an excerpt of a conversation I recently had with one of our librarian's:

Librarian: So what interests you about water and law?

Amanda: Pollution and rights mainly

Librarian: That's a huge topic, anything specific you have in mind

Amanda: I like cows.

Librarian: That's a start. Well, how much do you know about water, cows, and the law?

Amanda: . . .

Librarian: Maybe you should start there. I'd do keyword searches in Summit until you narrow your topic a bit more. Then you can use government documents and such to narrow down your project a bit more...

She then walked me through how to use all the specialized databases that I would need for my search.

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