Water and Science

Suggestions to begin a Three Day Study

Water and Science (Plan B)

Project Example

Explore an aspect of water and science. Present your findings in a six to ten page paper.


Some tips to begin a short term study of this nature:

1. Select a topic that interests you.

2. Have a research log handy. (Sample Research Log)

3. Gain broad or general knowledge about your topic using encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauri.

4. Search the library catalog for books on your subject. When you locate a book on the shelves, check the books nearby. The stacks are arranged by subject so the surrounding books will be related to the one you have found.

5. Search journal databases for full-text journal articles* on your subject. Peer-reviewed journals* are the most reputable.

6. Search Government Documents.

7. Search Internet websites. Validate that the information is from a reputable source.

8. Collect and analyze results. Are there any gaps in your thesis? What have you learned that you can share with others? Do you need to further refine your topic?

9. Organize your themes and compose your paper.

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