Ia Orana. Welcome to Jin's Huanine site. I'm a faculty member at The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington. This year I'm teaching with Sally Cloninger in the Islands program, a full time, year-long interdisciplinary program. After 15 weeks of island study in visual analysis, literature, film, visual anthropology, and a bit of island biodiversity, we've all set off for our "own special island." We and the 37 students are collected in GeoGroups--roughly geographic groupings of 3 to 5 students. Sally and I make up the Society Islands GeoGroup. You can see our program syllabus, and link to other program activities on the Islands Homepage.

Sally and I are on Huahine, in the Society Islands. In addition to the Documentation Kit that all members of the program are completing, I'm working on my French, and studying vanilla production on Huanine and Raiatea Islands. I've modeled my travel to Huanine on Robinson Crusoe and on Robinson Crusoe--as a time for reflection and study. I'm using the island time to document with drawing and photography, both new (and slightly scarey) media for me.

As faculty, Sally and I are completing all of the program assignments. We are working on the Research project, the Documentation Kit, and we have written a Covenant outlining the way we will work together. You can see the covenant Sally and I have written for our work together, my travel proposal, and my Society Islands annotated bibliography at the Society Islands Home page.