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Ph.D in Art in Education and Human Development, MFA in Photography and New Forms, BFA in Sculpture, Technical Degree in Architecture, Member of Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity Association
My research and dissertation Burning In The Light, Art in Education and Human Development was with Union Institute.  I am also teaching the class Arts and the Child.

I was educated as an architect in Kiev, Ukraine, and studied arts in the Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.  I received my Masters Degree from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, where I studied Photography and New Forms.  After acquiring a solid background in visual arts I studied performing arts in HB studio in New York for six years.  As a member of SAG and Equity I performed  on stage, in films, and television in New York and Seattle.

As an Artist in Residence with the State Arts Commission I teach art in public schools.  I also teach at Lesley, Pierce, and The Evergreen State Colleges.

My interests are: art, film and theater, art education, child and human development, nature studies, cultural studies; past, present, and future civilizations.

For most current information please see the updated faculty website.

Programs and Classes that I am teaching now or taught in the past:

Living in the Sacred Garden 08/09

Children and Education: a Silk Roads Perspective, 07/08

Silk Roads: China, The Middle East, and The New World, 06/07

Arts, Environment and the Child: Walking the Wheel of the Seasons, 05/06

Art, Nature, Pattern, 04/05

Arts of Transformation, Summer 05

Silk Roads, 03/04

Arts, Environment and the Child, 03

Voyages of Discovery and Understanding

Cornerstone Seminar

History of Photography                      

SOS (Student Originated Studies) in Child and Human Development classes.

I am also very interested in Chinese Language and Culture.


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