Hart Lab Mini-Rhizotron Images
Images provided here were taken using the spring 2002 model of the CID inc. CI-600. The mini-rhizotron we use is a scanner based technology which takes large images (21.59 x 19.56 cm) in 6.99 cm diam. acrylic tubes. For more information please see www.cid-inc.com.

All images were taken at approx 10 cm depth at an angle of 36 degrees. Thus, thumbnails show the top and bottom correctly but in reality these images would be angles at 36 degrees from the horizontal. The images the thumbnails are linked to will be laying sideways with the top of the image to the observer's left.

Rhizosphere Fungus:  These images were scanned at 600 dpi which is what we normally use in the field. The pictures were taken in mid august (1st two photos), and mid September (3rd photo). At this resolution some hyphae are visible (photo # 2) and of course the saprophytic and parasitic fungi also leave their mark as can be seen in the bottom of the first photo.  The second photo was scanned with a width of only 17.78 cm instead of the normal 19.56 cm. In the photo some hyphae and root hairs can be seen. In the Third photo clear ectomycorrhizal club root morphology is evident. Image #4 shows explosive ectomycorrhizal activity.  The other images show similar activity (some at same location and later dates) and most are scanned at 200 dpi. For more images see the 600 dpi images page where hyphae can be seen in many pictures.


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