Welcome to the Beginning Spanish Web Page at The Evergreen State College!


This site is primarily designed for students currently enrolled in Beginning Spanish, although many of the links here are of general interest. 

The Course Information site has the homework assignment schedules and general instructor and course information for Beginning Spanish

The Cultural Links site has a short list of sites relating to different cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world.

The Language and Grammar Links site provides links to a variety of online resources such as dictionaries, grammar explanations, exercises, etc. 

The ¿Sabías que...? Webpage link takes you to the textbook publisher's webpage, which contains a variety of activities to supplement the work we do in the classroom.

The Announcements site lists events and cultural happenings in the Puget Sound area which may be of interest to students.  If you have items to add to this list, please email them to your instructor.

The Contact Information site allows you to email your instructor directly, as well as providing other means of contacting me.