Tom Freeman's "Afternoon Delight"

with co-host Jeffrey M. Gould

Welcome to my "Afternoon Delight" site. "Afternoon Delight" is my weekly radio program on KAOS Olympia Community Radio, 89.3 FM. KAOS is located at The Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington. Afternoon Delight broadcasts each Thursday 12 noon - 2 pm.  I have been doing radio at KAOS since June 1, 1989.   Since August 1997, I have officially acquired a new co-host:  Jeffrey M. Gould.  Jeffrey is an AIDS Educator in Thurston County and is completing the training process at KAOS.   He has sat in with me on several editions of "Afternoon Delight", and we have developed an immediate rapport that makes the show a lot more fun these days.


Weekly Playlists:

Afternoon Delight 7/31/97 & Acoustic Minstrel Show 8/3/97

Hot Links:

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The Evergreen State College - Coolest School in Olympia

Come back each week to see what other fabulous music I am playing on "Afternoon Delight". Thanks for visiting and keep it tuned to KAOS.


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