Afternoon Delight - Thursday, 7/31/97

KAOS Olympia Community Radio 89.3 FM

Thursday Noon - 2 pm

Artist Name (Catalog Number) "Song Title" - Album/CD Title [Label] http: webaddress

San Francisco Starlight Orchestra (Stomp Off CD 1296) "I'm Young and Healthy" - Cheerful Little Earful [Stomp Off]

Sara Hickman (Shanachie 8026) "I Think I Love You" - Misfits [Shanachie]

5 Chinese Brothers (PCD-034) "Three Cool Guys" - Let's Kill Saturday Night [1-800-PRIME_CD]

Dave Hall (GJ-00862) "After the Revolution" - Playin' the Man [giuseppejoe!]

Fallopian Tubes "Dear John" - Because Rock and Roll Isn't Pretty [White gator]

Darrell Scott (SDCD-3864) "I Wish" - Aloha From Nashville [Sugarhill]

Frank Rogala (FR CD 001) "My Boyfriend's Back" - Crimes Against Nature [I.E.M]

Jim Langemo (BDR 2051-2) "Sunny Afternoon" - Welcome to Sadieville [Barking Dog]

The Mollys (APN9701CD) "Pride over Dollars (Miner's Polka)" - Hat Trick [Apolkalips Now]

Fruit "Forever Young" - Fruit [Fruit]

eddie from ohio (VSR 004) "Omar's Gda Problem" - Big Noise [Virginia Soul]

Mark Tempany "All I Ever Wanted" - Stand in the Storm [Stormfront Productions]

Romanovsky & Phillips "What Kind of Self Respecting Faggot/ Politically Correct Lesbian Am I? - Best and More of Romanovsky & Phillips [Fresh Fruit] This song introd our guest, Daniel Harris, author of "The Rise and Fall of Gay Culture"

David Brown "Every Kiss is a Revolution" - Splendid Wings [Chihuahua Records]

Annie Gallup (PCD 028) "For Money" - Cause and Effect [1-800-PRIME-CD]

I am pleased to announce that my new co-host is Mr. Jeffrey M. Gould, and he is an AIDS Educator in Thurston County and an all around fun and terrific guy. I'm so glad to welcome him to Afternoon Delight.

Acoustic Minstrel Show - Sunday, August 3rd 
KAOS Olympia Community Radio, 89.3 FM

Sunday 2 - 4 pm - Guest Host: Tom Freeman

Artist Name (Catalog Number) "Song Title" - Album/CD Title [Label] http: webaddress

Kevin Dooley (DkD 31097) "Decidin' Time" - Everyday Dreams [Stormcrow Music]

Betsy Wellings "The Road Not Taken" - Down to Earth [Feister Meister] Besty is a local Olympia singer/songwriter

Annie Gallup (PCD 028) "If I Loved You" - Cause and Effect [1-800-PRIME-CD]

Libby Roderick (TR 1004) "Listen to a Devil" - Lay it All Down [Turtle Island]

Fruit "Been There, Done That" - Fruit [Fruit] I have to add that these women are SOOOOOO fabulous!

The Hackberry Ramblers (HotBi CD 5001) "C.C. Rider" - Deep Water [Hot Biscuits]

Andrew Roblin & the Pocono Mountain Men (Upstart CD 1003) "Temperance Bear" - Perilous Pursuit [Upstart]

The Revels (CD 1084) "Pleasant and Delightful" - Blow Ye Winds in the Morning [Revels Records]

Lee Murdock (DEP-020) "Voices Across the Water" - Voices Across the Water [Depot Recordings]

Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin (Rounder CD 0424) "Scofield Mine Disaster" - Heart Songs [Rounder]

Shanghaied On the Williamette (SOW-CD 101) "Rolling Down the River" - Weighing Anchor [SOW Music]

Jason Ecklund/Roger Johnson (GADFLY 230) "Children of the Endless Night" - A Streamliner's Duet [Gadfly]

Laurie Lewis (Rounder CD 0400) "The Bear Song" - Earth and Sky: Songs of Laurie Lewis [Rounder]

Beaupre's Home (RHR CD 102) "Destination" - Hart Rogue [Red House] This album also contains a great cover of "Love at the Five and Dime", a song even more poignant I think when considering the closureof all Woolworth stores.

eddie from ohio (VSR 004) "Under David's Feet" - Big Noise [Virginia Soul]

Salamander Crossing (SIG 1240) "Tear My Still House Down" - COMPILATION: Live at the Iron Horse Vol 1 (various) [Signature Sounds]

Samusson & Tomassi (Rosalito CD 00101) "Family Affair" - Field of Vision [Rosalito]

Michael Callen (SO 881D-2) "Nobody's Fool" - Purple Heart [Significant Other]

Mark Tempany (STPR 002) "Rollin' Back the Years" - Southern Skies

David Brown "Do You Need Me?" - Splendid Wings [Chihuahua]

Hans Thessink (Ruf1016) "Lazy Long Hot Summer's Day" - Crazy Moon [Ruf]

Sara Hickman (Shanachie 8026) "I Think I Love You" - Misfits [Shanachie] I am not sure which I like more: the fact

that she covered a Patridge Family song, or that she changes it to "I think I Hate You" at the end of it.

Frank Rogola (FRCD001) "My Boyfriend's Back" - Crimes Against Nature [I.E.M] YUM!

JSD Band (CDLDL1256 "Down the Road" - For the Record [Lochshore]

Connie Kaldor (PhiloCD 1205) "Get Lucky" - Small Cafe [Philo] Slightly naughty and fun.

Jim Langemo "Sweet Queen" - Welcome to Sadieville [Barking Dog Records]

Davy Cattanach (CDLDL1252) "Do You Need Me?" - Dancing in the Shadows [Lochshore]

That's it.