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Do you know anything about the club's past? Well for crap's sake, tell us! :)

The year is 1992... The month is October. The Evergreen Gaming Guild, 24 days old and looking to generate more interest in its club, decides to host a gaming and sci-fi convention called GeoCon... Along with the gaming and science fiction, there is a room devoted to Hong Kong action flicks and one to anime.

The year is 1993... The month is April. Armed with a faculty sponsor (John Cushing), Gregor Menasian and Graham Watt go before the S&A board to secure next-year funding for a "new anime fan organization", dedicated to "Geoducks that speak Japanese and love cartoon women." This group is called Evergreen Students for Anime. ^_^ Meetings are held in the CAB, Library, and A-dorm, and the club hosts the anime room at GeoCons 0 through 3. Gregor graduates in 1996, and the club vanishes.

Parting the mists of the past, a vision! 1994, and an unnamed gamer peddling his trade...

[cut for a montage]

The year is 1997... Geoffrey Quick and Mikel Reparaz stumble across ESA's collection of anime on laserdisc, and decide that something cool ought to be done with it... like forming an anime club called the Giant Robot Appreciation Society!

The year is 1998... G.R.A.S. is on the rocks... paperwork is misplaced, and the club drops off the official radar. Mikel restarts the club with Ken Koontz and Starla Robinson, under the sponsorship of Harumi Moruzzi. (Yay!) David Rigert is in there somewhere too.

[cut for another montage]

Circa 2000, Mike Kearney, Starla Robinson, Megan Connolly, and Ken Koontz.

The year is 2000... The laserdisc collection, source of our club's power, is lent to the Washington State Film Library (aka the TESC library video collection), where it resides on a shelf in a locked room in the basement to this day. :) Every so often we bring them out for "Finest in Laser Video Disc" nights, to bask in their glory and keep the library from throwing them out. Ken, starting a venerable tradition of coordinators suddenly disappearing off to Japan, disappears off to Japan. Megan Connolly takes up the mantle of Giant Robot Appreciation, aided by a now-grizzled Starla.

ChibiChibi Con I

The year is 2001... GeoCon collapses in on itself and vanishes in the dust, leaving last year's GeoCon 8 as the final one. G.R.A.S. folk had hosted a 72-hour anime room at every GeoCon for quite some time, and were naturally bummed about it. They decide to run the video room anyway, and Chibi Chibi Con is born!

The year is 2002... The duo push on, and with the help of a few friends (including new coordinator-in-training Moses Kaber), ChibiChibiCon II a great success!

Megan Connolly, Starla Robinson, Moses Kaber, and Erik Dahl (front), manning the tables at ChibiChibiCon II.

The year is 2003... Our man Moses Kaber is tapped for coordinator. With the help of Joe Lott, they keep the party going. :) Trips to Uwajimaya in Seattle are started, ChibiChibi Con III pushes through. By Winter, two new coordinators enter the scene, Kelly Vinsant and Mike Luttmer.

Joe Lott circa 2003-2004, eating delicious barbecue and winning awards for the Gaming Guild. ^_^

The year is 2004... Mike Luttmer passes coordinatorship over to Dru Swain. Uwajimaya trips continue.

The year is 2005... Kelly exits stage left, and once again G.R.A.S. is poised for a commercial break. Seeing our plight, friends in the Gaming Guild encourage Amanda Davies to volunteer. Coming back for a sequel, we have Moses as co-coordinator! G.R.A.S. starts holding its meetings at the same time as the Gaming Guild, in order to consolidate forces.

The year is 2006... Amanda leaves the country, Moses graduates, and Shen Travis and Moni Madjdi are coordinators. G.R.A.S. moves from the Lecture Halls to the 3rd floor TV lounge in the CAB. Other things happen. (Shen? Moni? Guys?)

Shen Travis and Moni Madjdi at Sakuracon, circa 2007. ^_^

The year is 2008... Shen and Moni, burned out after two-and-a-half years of coordinating, are ready to leave the club to its own devices. A plan is hatched to dissolve G.R.A.S. as an official entity and to transfer the reins of the convention back to the Gaming Guild. Fortunately, September rolls in and along come our two current coordinators. ^_^ Jonah, fresh from North Carolina and looking for a place to get his anime fix, finds what's left of G.R.A.S. on Livejournal. Kent, armed with a freshly-pressed copy of Shuffle! and an entrepreneurial spirit, decides to start his own anime club. This causes a chain reaction that brings G.R.A.S. out of hiding. Kent and Jonah are given the club's coordinatorship, and The Evergreen Anime Club is born! Later, the name is changed back to G.R.A.S., and there is much (moderate? some?) rejoicing. In preparation for the move from G.R.A.S.'s ancestral home/cubicle in the CAB, Jonah starts collecting together all the old paperwork, photos, and ephemera. Much of it ends up digitized on the website.

The year is 2009... Chibi Chibi Con 9 happens, mostly due to Kent's fighting spirit. We start meeting twice a week instead of once a week, and move from the TV lounge to the HCC, and later to Sem II... Jonah continues compiling info on the club's past, and the website fleshes out.

The year is 2010... Check the News Feed! ^_^;
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