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A few questions with Amanda Davies. ^_^

When were you involved?

I was really only coordinator for maybe half a year, but it was the more difficult half. I'm bad at dates and times, but I guess I was coordinator in 2005?

How'd you become a coordinator?

Basically it was a clusterfuck. I had never gone to GRAS once before then, but I was good friends with some of the Gaming Guild guys (who GRAS shares a cubicle with, of course). Kelly (Vinsant, who I think I met once) dropped off the face of the earth and left GRAS without a budget for the year, so the club was basically nonexistent. For some reason I ended up being the coordinator... I'm not sure how that happened anymore. I probably thought it was a good idea at the time.

Moses (Kaber) was supposedly my co-coordinator. Is there still a sign in the cubicle that tells you not to do things the Moses way? Listen to that sign. I had no idea what I was doing and Moses got me into trouble a few times - I assumed he knew what he was doing because he'd helped coordinate before, but that was not really the case. In retrospect it's funny, at the time it really wasn't.

What sort of things did you do?

Basically I got the club up and running again, got us a budget and official club status again, managed to pull off Chibi Chibi Con somehow, and then I left the club to Moni and Shen when I studied abroad. While I was there I decided I didn't like coordinating, and that was that.

What did you guys watch? Did the club ever do anything besides watch anime?

I don't really remember. Mostly it was what I downloaded, I tried to give people a good variety to choose from and rotated shows in and out. It was things that were more or less current at the time.

We didn't have activities outside showings. It was hard enough for me to get us any budget at all, much less any extra, and there was an astounding lack of help or motivation from the members at the time. We did have joint GRAS-Gaming Guild nights, though, which were fun.

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