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Welcome to the Giant Robot Appreciation Society. Want to join the listserv? Go here. Want to email somebody? Try Meeting times/places/etc? Check the Schedule.

Wed, 6 Jan '10: About page updated!

Going over old paperwork in preparation of Chibi Chibi Con 2010 (Feb. 20th!!!) I noticed some errors in the About page. They've been fixed accordingly. ^_^

Mon, 28 Dec '09: Mascot page!

I added a page on our mascot, navigatable by clicking the picture up top. ^_^ Real website by Viliamu coming soon!

Mon, 14 Dec '09: Quarter finished! (Also, new links!)

So we're done for the quarter! ^_^ Starting Winter quarter, we'll be showing two new shows on Tuesday, Planetes and Welcome to the NHK, in a new room, Sem II B1105! Also, I've added some new links. ^_^

Fri, 11 Dec '09: Tomorrow, Last Exile mini-marathon! (Also, new link!)

We've only got a few more episodes to go in Last Exile, so Kent and I thought we'd just finish them up. That way we can start with two fresh shows for Winter quarter.

So, marathon! ^_^

The timeframe will be roughly the same as our normal Saturday meetings, 2-4pm, maybe a bit longer. In the HCC as usual. I think we have 6 episodes left. Free popcorn, as always, and a good time to do your laundry. ^_^;

Also, a slight update to the Links section, to include Hitoshi Doi's Japanese voice actor database.

Wed, 09 Dec '09: GTO finished! New interview!

I just can't seem to keep myself away. ^_^; Anyhow, we've finished up Great Teacher Onizuka! The current plan is to go into double showing of Last Exile for a short period, and then start two new Tuesday shows at the same time. In other news, here's an interview with Evergreen Students for Anime co-founder Graham Watt! ^_^ More old-school interviews coming soon!

Tue, 01 Dec '09: Chibi Chibi Con funded! Links updated! New webmaster! (Also, we're on ANN!)

So the S&A board gave us almost full funding for Chibi Chibi Con this year! This will be the 10-year anniversary, so hopefully everything will be awesome. In other news, we have a new webmaster, Viliamu! He has a site re-design in the works, so keep an eye out. ^_^ In what will probably be my final ham-fisted web update, the Links section has been corrected. Also, thanks to Daniel DeLorme for giving us a link on the Anime News Network!

Fri, 20 Nov '09: Finest in Laser Videodisc Day! Also, new fliers!

This Saturday will be a special showing of the first 3 episodes of the Oh! My Goddess! OAV series, brought to you on fabulous laserdisc! Long story short, we try to do this a few times a year, and this is one of those times. ^_^ Also, new fliers added to the Fun Stuff section!

Sat, 14 Nov '09: New interview!

A new interview with former G.R.A.S. coordinator Ken Koontz! A few minor adjustments to the About and Old Shows pages as well.

Sat, 07 Nov '09: New links!

New links in the Links section for your reading pleasure. Coming soon: More G.R.A.S. alum interviews!

Thu, 05 Nov '09: New show!

Due to popular demand, we've replaced Mobile Suit Gundam: 08th the MS Team with Ouran High School Host Club! (???!) True story. ^_^ We've also switched around the order a bit; Last Exile will still be first, but we've moved GTO to the end of the night. Schedule page updated accordingly!

Thu, 01 Oct '09: Locations finalized!

So we've finally got the schedules finalized! ^_^ We'll be meeting Wednesdays 6pm-9pm in Sem II C1107 (Across from the Sem II Cafe) for subs and Saturdays from 2pm-4pm in the HCC for dubs. Schedule page updated accordingly!

Fri, 04 Sept '09: It's almost that time again...

This year we're trying something new. Saturday will be dubs to lure in the n00bs, and Wednesday will be subs for otaku. ^_^ Schedule to be hashed out soon! (Although a bit of clever guessing will probably give correct results. ^_^;) The shows (in no particular order):

Welcome to the NHK
Hellsing Ultimate
Great Teacher Onizuka, Season 2
Ergo Proxy
Ouran High School Host Club
Kino's Journey
Last Exile
Cowboy Bebop
Black Cat
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Mobile Suit Gundam: 08th MS Team

Tues, 17 Mar '09: Next year's anime survey is up! Also, interviews!

So Kent has put up the survey for deciding which shows to show next year. We'll combine the info we get from the survey with the in-person votes from Choice Night when deciding which licenses to go for. Vote away!

Also, a brand new interview with Starla Robinson!

Mon, 16 Mar '09: Chihiro vs. Sen! Hare+Guu!

The Evergreen Anime Club... Giant Robot Appreciation Society... which name is our true one? After much feedback, we've come to a compromise. ^_^ The name on the official paperwork is "G.R.A.S., Evergreen's anime club". We figure we'll use "The Evergreen Anime Club" when we're stuck for space, and G.R.A.S. when we aren't.

Survey should be up soon. The budget hearing for GRAS will be on Wednesday, April 8th from 4:45pm-5:00pm.

Since we finished Gurren Lagann last Saturday, the 1st Saturday after Spring Break we'll be starting a new show, Hare+Guu! Marvel as a strange little girl with a parallel dimension in her stomach slowly eats everything in sight! Wonder why nobody else is noticing besides a very uptight little boy! Desperately wish that cats had that many legs in real life!

Sat, 14 Mar '09: Deja vu!

So apparently G.R.A.S. was originally called The Evergreen Anime Club! Who knew? Well, apparently someone in 2005, as found in another stash of old paperwork.*Edit: Apparently I was wrong. ^_^; It looks like the old name was actually "Evergreen Students for Anime". About page updated accordingly, with other little tweaks. Hopefully the voting site will be up soon, so keep posted here or on the listserv! Also worth a look, a new interview with former coordinator Amanda Davies! ^_^

Thur, 12 Mar '09: Save points! Dancing! Tentacle monster!

Finally digitized a mystery tape from ChibiChibiCon 2005 I found in a desk drawer a few months ago. Some things never change. Highlights include the cosplay contest (see if you can spot Shen!), dance floor, and gaming room (apparently Halo was quite popular)! As with the rest of our ephemera, check Fun Stuff for the details!

Tue, 10 Mar '09: Old shows! (Flyers! PDFs! Photos!)

Found a stash of old paperwork, allowing me to update the Old Shows section. Also added some more flyers and PDFs to Fun Stuff, and an old group photo to the ojii-chan & obaa-chan section of the Members page.

Fri, 06 Mar '09: Next year's shows!

Next Wednesday (March 11th) we'll be taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to vote on which shows to run next year. If you have any suggestions, send an email to the listserv. The one limitation is that it must be licensed and available on DVD for purchase. (If the DVDs are currently out-of-print but the license hasn't expired, that's fine.) If you have a clip of the show, bring it, and we'll show it. ^_^

Sat, 14 Feb '09: Programs! Video!

Video from ChibiChibiCon 06 and programs from ChibiChibiCon 07 and a ChibiChibiCon of unknown age added to the Fun Stuff section.

Wed, 11 Feb '09: Updated schedule!

So the new Saturday meeting time is from 2pm to 4pm in the HCC. Schedule section updated appropriately. 10 more days until ChibiChibiCon!

Sat, 31 Jan '09: Tonight's meeting moved!

In case you're wondering where we are tonight, we got kicked up to our old location on the 3rd floor of the CAB building, so RAD could show Kiki's Delivery Service in the HCC. :) Wednesday meeting times are still in the HCC from 6-9pm, Saturday meetings are up in the air for a bit longer.

Fri, 30 Jan '09: Stuff!

Digging through the club's cubicle drawers produces interesting stuff. :) ChibiChibiCon 2004 conguide is up, and the old shows and links sections have been updated.

Wed, 28 Jan '09: Schedule!

Hashed out the schedule order for this quarter at tonight's meeting. Schedule page updated accordingly. :)

Tues, 27 Jan '09: Photos!

Scanned some old photos. :) Old ChibiChibiCon flyers coming soon!

Thur, 22 Jan '09: About page, founder interviews, fun!

Added a rough About page with interviews with two of the founders of the club. Also started a flyer and media archive under Fun Stuff. :)

Wed, 21 Jan '09: We're up!

So we have a website now... fun times. About page coming soon!

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