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Graham Watt on early anime at Evergreen! ^_^

What's the story behind Evergreen Students for Anime?

The true leader of the project really was Gregor Menasian. He also helped found/run the first Geo-Con (gaming/anime convention) on campus... I actually do not recall the obtaining the funding from Student Activities. Likely I merely signed a document with Gregor or joined the group. Then again, this was a long time ago and that was my final year at Evergreen. Gregor and I also were spending a lot of time exploring the Internet in that year since we were in a joint project for credit to write a "Greener's Guide to the Internet". Anime played a part in that I'm certain and I recall Gregor reviewing his "leeched" files from Anime FTP sites.

What were club meetings like back then?

Before Geo-Con, the club consisted of Gregor, his friend Cornelius (who was in the Japan Today course learning Japanese through singing in class as well as watching Anime on the side), myself and many others whose names I forget. Several people had bootlegs of anime on VHS tape, S-VHS if they were hardcore. Gregor told me about "blacking" tape using an Amiga computer and a gen-lock board to transmit pure black video signal to record over blank tapes before using them. Something about the black dot being less obtrusive than a white one if it showed through whatever you taped over it.

There was at least one road-trip to Silver Platters in the U district that I recall being involved with. Maybe more than one.

We also did after-hours showings of Anime in the computer lab after it closed on Saturday nights. We would hook a boombox up to a laserdisc player or VHS and pipe the output up to the 3-beam barco projector in what was then the Word Processing/Classroom with the AT&T 8088 computers with green-screen monitors in it - instant movie theater. I think some of my own tapes from those "sharing" sessions finally died from mold growth. The Miyazaki classics of Tonari No Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service were fabulous on the 15 ft wide projection screen. I think we also showed Vampire Princess Miyu (all 4 parts). We may have run the videos overnight until the computer center had to open again on Sunday. Some of the members of the club also happened to be ACC "greenvests". We worked in the lab as assistants and monitors.

"Geoducks that speak Japanese and love cartoon women?"

I think the historical line about Japanese Anime Women/Girls is now probably not very politically correct, but hey, we didn't invent the genre or artwork, we just appreciated it. Of course, Gainax produced lots of "FAN-Service" anime titles like Plastic Little and the like. What was it they said about Sailor Moon? The audience is 6-10 year old girls and 25-40 yr old men?

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