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Welcome to the Giant Robot Appreciation Society, Evergreen's anime club! Want to talk to fellow Greener otaku? Join the listserv! Want to email one of the coordinators? Try Meeting times/places/etc? Check the Schedule.

Sat, 3 Dec '11: Long overdue update! ^_^;

(Note: Not actually a cat.)

GRAS has a new coordinator, Elysse Laskey! Kent and I have retired, so this website may fossilize or change dramatically. ^_^ For now, the most frequent updates are at the GRAS Facebook page, and meetings are generally on Fridays.

Fri, 1, Oct '10: New year, new meeting space!

First meeting of the year this Wednesday in Lecture Hall 2 from 6pm to 9pm! Potluck-style. ^_^ Also, come check out our new office on the 3rd floor of the CAB building! We haven't put up the disco ball yet, so just look for Yoda...

Sun, 16 May '10: New coordinator enthroned! ^_^

Another new coordinator, Bryan Lopez! Sara and Bryan will be taking the Fearless Leader #1 and #2 spots next year as Kent and I sink into the shadows. ^_^;

A rare cat indeed. ^_^

Mon, 01 Mar '10: Survey night tomorrow!

Tomorrow, in lieu of our regular meeting, we'll be having a survey night to decide what to show next year! Can't make it? We have an online survey asking basically the same questions here.

Sat, 27 Feb '10: New Saturday shows!

Today we'll be starting two new Saturday shows, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and Baccano!

Fri, 12 Feb '10: Chibi Chibi Con next week!

Fri, 5 Feb '10: New coordinator crowned!

We now have a 3rd official coordinator of G.R.A.S.!

She's running the next Saturday meeting, so drop by and wish her luck! ^_^

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