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Your humble coordinators managed to get an interview with Geoffrey Quik, one of the founders of the club, back when it was called the Giant Robot Appreciation Society...

What's the story behind the club's founding?

There was an anime club before GRAS, just as there was a Gaming Guild, unfortunately at the time I took over it had been defunct for at least a couple of years. It was run by a gentleman that had graduated 2 years before I was there, and that also ran the gaming group and Geocon. So, I was getting involved in anime, and had friends involved. I had heard rumors that there was a library of some anime around somewhere, and I set out to find it. I discovered a fairly sizable collection of laser discs, as well as video I decided we needed a method to get people to watch it again. That's pretty much as simple as it is.

What did you guys watch?

Ummm, let's see...are you looking for specific titles? Back then it was Ranma, Catgirl Nuku Nuku, Bubblegum Crisis (the original series), Ah! My Goddess (the original OAVS) as well as fansubs. I put together the entire Fushigi Yuugi series fansubbed on VHS , as well as Escaflowne also all fansubbed and on VHS. I made it my quest to find obscure and little known anime series, but we also grabbed quite a few mainstream series as well. I had the entire Wolf's Rain, as well as Ghost in The Shell, Read or Die, among others at least a year before they ever saw the light in the US. I could go through my CD/DVD folder sometime and get you a more complete list, but it would be big. ;)

Any cool stories or anecdotes?

Oh gods, I don't really remember specifics honestly, it has been 10 years or so...there were always some really good stuff happening at cons, especially before they locked up the projector rooms at night. We had all night anime rooms, hentai rooms, yaoi rooms. You named it, we had it at the con. Back when Geocon was still active, we were considered one of the bigger cons around here.

I've seen a couple of old web pages refer to GRAS as Cal Animage Omicron"... how was GRAS connected to the Cal Animage folks?

I don't remember this one too much, that might have been something that was set up outside my purview...I think it was a way to promote the club. We shared anime, contacts, and con announcements and the like.

Why'd you call it the Giant Robot Appreciation Society?

This was pure, unadulterated joke on my part. Let's face it, evergreen has a reputation as a stoner school, and it had even more of a reputation when I got a hold of the club. So, well, GRAS just seemed appropriate for the school...when I suggested it I never thought people would think it was a good idea, but they liked it, and it stuck.

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