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Kelly Vinsant explains the past. ^_^

How did you become a coordinator?

I said "Hey Moses (the coordinator), I want to be coordinator next year," and he said "Okay."

How many people came to club meetings?

Between 10 and 20. On big event nights when we were showing new movies like GitS: Innocence, we had upwards of 30-40.

Did you guys ever thing of changing the name?

There had been discussions about changing the name multiple times when I was there, but we always came back to GRAS because it was just too funny a joke to pass up. (Get it? Gras? Weed? Durhurhur~)

I've found a bunch of old paperwork that says that the soot ball from Spirited Away is the club's mascot. Any clue when that happened, or what the story behind it is?

That happened before my time, but it came about because it was so easy to draw. That way it was okay if we didn't have any good artists in the club. ;)

I noticed on your G.R.A.S. website that Mike Luttmer is listed as a "supplier". Does that mean he was the one responsible for getting the anime, or something else?

Mike was a member of the club, and he had a computer that could torrent at ridiculous speeds. We gave him lists of new anime series we wanted, he downloaded our happy illegal fansubs and burned them all onto CDs we could show on anime nights. For ChibiChibiCon, he burned them onto DVDs by room, set to run on time with the schedule. We popped them in the computers, set them to run at the start of the con, locked the computers in their cabinets and left. We only had to check up on them during rounds to make sure there weren't any problems. Virtual systems cut down on the need for staff and you can still run a huge con.

What was ChibiChibiCon like when you were coordinating?

Our biggest turnout was about 300, my senior year. We fought tooth-and-nail to take over a wing of the SEMII building for a full 48 hours and advertised all the way up I-5 to Seattle for months leading up to the con with pretty pretty fliers. Everyone volunteered their computers and we set up all kinds of new anime to run all day, had a manga-reading room, a karaoke machine, and a masquerade with prizes.

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