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Back in the distant dawn of time (also known as 1997) G.R.A.S. was associated with the Cal Animage network of anime clubs. According to our sources, it was a really cool thing to do at the time... We got Cal Animage Omicron. :)

Cal Animage Alpha - UC Berkeley's anime club.
Cal Animage Beta - UC San Diego's anime club.
Cal Animage Gamma - UC Santa Barbara's anime club.
Cal Animage Delta - Anime FX, San Francisco State University's anime club.
Cal Animage Epsilon - UC Irvine's anime club.
Cal Animage Zeta - The Japanese Animation Fans of Western Australia, located in sunny Perth!
Cal Animage Eta - UCLA's anime club.
Cal Animage Theta - Newtype, Stanford's anime club.
Cal Animage Iota - Minna no Anime, Cal Poly SLO's club.
Cal Animage Kappa - SAMA, the Slug Anime and Manga Associatin, UC Santa Cruz's anime club.
Cal Animage Lambda - North Dakota State University (Supposedly around in one form or another, but I can't find a web site! :/ )
Cal Animage Mu - University of Southern California.
Cal Animage Nu - AIYA! Western Washington University's anime club.
Cal Animage Xi - Chabot Anime, Chabot College's anime club. Sadly no more. Fortunately, since 2005 the anime torch has been carried on by Game Zone Recreation, hosts of Kin-Yoobi Con.

Educate yourself by arguing with your fellow otaku. ^_^

Anime on DVD forums - bought out by recently, but still a good resource.
Anime News Network forums - their encyclopedia is pretty useful as well.
Anime Suki forums - also a good place to get fansubs.
ADTRW forums - can you guess what it stands for? :)
Anime Web Turnpike forums - a little dusty nowadays... forums - looking to baffle and/or awe people at your next anime convention? This is probably a good place to start figuring out how.
rec.arts.anime.misc - heir to the venerable rec.arts.anime newsgroup. Mostly old-timers and spam, but maybe worth a look.

Educate yourself without talking to anyone! (You wallflower, you.)

Anime World Order - a podcast done by some very knowledgable folks on fairly cryptic titles. Lots of emphasis on directors and writers, as well as out-of-print shows. ^_^
AniPages Daily - Focuses on the details, lots of info on who was the key animator for what, etc.
Lost World of Anime - A site devoted to discussing out-of-print anime, manga and otaku ephemera. Educational and frustrating! ^_^
Let's Anime - A focus on shows from the 1980s and before. You will soon become the OtaKing!
Hitoshi Doi's Seiyuu database - Japanese voice actor details. For when ANN's Encyclopedia isn't enough. ^_^
rec.arts.anime archive - The 2chan of the English-speaking anime world from 1988 to 2004. Only for the dedicated.
Online Bibliography of Anime and Manga Research - Welcome to the deep end. Curious about "The Religious Functions of Pokemon"? Or possibly "Liminality and Sacrifice in Princess Mononoke"? This is the place to start.

"Yes, but I actually want to animate things..."

Evergreen Animation labs - Spend time here, and talk with the folks who do spend time here.
JohnKStuff - The curmudgeonly rants of John Kricfalusi on animation. Also, JohnKCurriculum, his rants stripped down to their points.
California Institute of the Arts - Maybe go to graduate school here? A feeder school for Disney and Pixar, with all the pros and cons that entails. ^_^;
The Sheridan Institute - Canadian version!
Move to Korea - American and Japanese studios both outsource a bunch of work.

Other GRAS outposts!

Facebook - Our Facebook group. (Also, our old Facebook group.)
LiveJournal - Our LiveJournal community.
Forum - For when you don't feel like emailing the listserv. ^_^;
Twitter - We also have a Twitter for some reason.
MySpace - Just for completeness sake. ^_^;;;

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