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What are susuwatari?

"[Susuwatari] are tiny creatures that are very delicate and easily crushed... They live in old houses, and the arrival of humans with their laughter and noise drives them away. They are not at all harmful, but they do make things rather dirty... only the very young can see them clearly."
-- Helen McCarthy, Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation

Susuwatari are our club's mascots. ^_^ They are the tiny soot balls featured in Hayao Miyazaki's movies My Neighbor Totoro (camping out in an abandoned house) and Spirited Away (slaving away in the boiler room carrying coal, hoarding little girls' shoes, and frantically eating Japanese candy. ^_^). An old coordinator and big Miyazaki fan named Ken Koontz came up with the idea. They fit the character of the club well, and besides that are easy to draw. ^_^;;

Last updated by Jonah, 12/28/09