"A tempestuous noise of thunder and lightning heard."

Evergreen Shakespeare was conceived in June 2009, although it wouldn't born for another 9 months. Evergreen student Paul Purvine directed a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest which performed downtown and on campus, for free. Many of the people involved in The Tempest expressed interest in producing another Shakespeare play, but it wasn't until March 2010 that the Student Organization was founded. Twelfth Night will be Evergreen Shakespeare's first production since forming as a student organization.

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Student Activities Office, CAB 3rd Floor
The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA 98505


Juli Kimbrell
Jeff Painter
Meg Swanson


Our mission at Evergreen Shakespeare is to provide opportunities for students and community members to learn through performance. Evergreen Shakespeare is commited to producing quality theater that is available to all members of the Olympia community; to hosting design, technical, and acting workshops with theater professionals; and to providing support for individual and group student theater projects

Evergreen Shakespeare is a Tier II Registered Student Organization of The Evergreen State College, funded by student fees.