Twelfth Night

{or What You Will}

By William Shakespeare

January 20th-22nd and 27th-29th, 8pm

The Experimental Theater,
Communications Building,
The Evergreen State College


Produced By Evergreen Shakespeare, in association with Animal Fire Theater Group

Karissa Carlson • photographer

Shipwrecks, disguise, love, revelry, music, arrogance, sexual confusion, mistaken identity, and pride; and that’s just Act I.

Although the land of Illyria is saturated in love, it is that kind of love that causes more injuries than kindnesses. When Viola washes ashore off the coast of Illyria and takes on the disguise of a man she is herself caught in a sticky love triangle. Then the real party begins. Illyria is turned into a topsy-turvy free for all, but don't worry, Shakespeare's darkest comedy ends well... for almost everyone.