Hello, and welcome to my home page.  I assume you are here because you are either interested in contacting me or would like some information about academic programs that I'll be teaching this upcoming year.

If you want to contact me at Evergreen, my address is Lab I, Room 1004; my phone number is 360-867-6474.

Spring Quarter of 2002 I will be teaching in the Seeing the Light program.  There are still spaces available in this program and I will be looking at individual portfolios during the Winter Quarter academic fair which will be held March 6, before classes begin in April.

Future Programs:
        During the 2002-03 academic year, Marianne Bailey, Hiro Kawasaki and I will be teaching a year-long group contract entitled "THE CLASSICAL LEGACY: PROVENCE AND TUSCANY."  A brief description of this program can be found in the latest Evergreen catalog.  More detailed information will be available at the Spring Quarter academic fair, which will be held May 15.

Past Programs:

During Winter and Spring quarters of 1997-98, Gordon Beck and I taught a program entitled Discovering Greece.
This is a program that I will likely teach again in the future.
If you are interested in finding out more about the next Greece program, (including a syllabus and more information
including the cost)


                                            Keep checking back at this page periodically.

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