Class Information
Intro to WWW Programming

Judy Cushing
email:    judyc

Previous Computing Experience:  I began working as a systems programmer at IBM in (it's hard to believe!) 1970!  Since then I've done "everything" from systems programming in assembler, to applications development in C++,  to database design and  systems analysis,  to project and computer center management.   I have a Ph.D. in computer science and engineering from Oregon Graduate Institute where I did research in how object databases could be used as middleware for high performance, distributed scientific computing.   I teach software engineering at Evergreen.

I'm happy to teach this class with Sylys Knackstedt since I want to hone my own web design skills and learn more about what kinds of authoring students (and the Olympia community) is interested in doing.  I am looking forward to our developing a number of good web pages and review criteria for web pages, learning new web development techniques, and reviewing each others web pages.

Here is Judy's scanned image.

Project Idea:  I want to review and revise my professional and personal home pages, along with the home pages for my academic programs (Student Originated Software and Seeing the Forest and the Trees) and for the Scientific Database Lab research program.
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