Curriculum Vita

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Judith Bayard Cushing
Member of the Faculty, Computer Science
The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA  98505

  January 1995 (expected).  Ph.D.:  Modeling Scientific Applications in Object Databases, 
Computer Science, Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, Portland, OR.

  June 1970.  M.A., Philosophy, Brown University, Providence, R.I.

  June 1968.  B.A., The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA.

Professional Experience
  1982 - present.  Member of the Faculty (Computer Science), The Evergreen State College, 
Olympia, WA.  

  March - September, 1989.  Visiting Faculty, Kobe University of Commerce, Kobe, Japan.

 1977 - 1982.  Computer Center Director, Systems Analyst, Programmer, Public Health 
Automated Medical Information System (PHAMIS), Seattle, WA.

  September 1976 - June 1977.  Post graduate studies in Medical Computer Science, The 
University of Texas Health Science Center (Southwestern Medical School), Dallas, TX.  
Coursework in biomathematics, biostatistics and medical information systems.

  March - June 1976,  Programmer-Analyst, Design Automation Dept., Texas Instruments, 
Dallas, TX.

  1974 - 1976.  Systems Analyst, Office of Computer Services, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

  1971 - 1974.  Systems Engineer, Centre de Calcul, Faculte des Sciences, Universite de 
Bordeaux III, Talence, France.

  1970 - 1971.  Programmer-Analyst, Compagnie Internationale de Telecommunications, Paris, 

  1969 - 1970.  Systems Programmer, Diagnostic Engineering Dept. Systems Development 
Division, IBM, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Selected Recent Research Publications
  with D. Maier, D. Hansen and C. Pu.  Connecting Scientific Programs and Data Using Object 
Databases, data Engineering  (Special Issue on Scientific Databases), Y. Ioannidis (ed.), 1993.

  with D. Maier.  Treating Programs as Objects:  The Computational Proxy Experience, Invited 
Paper, Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases Conference, 1993.

  with D. Maier, D. Feller, M. Rao, D. Abel and M. DeVaney.  Computational Proxies:  Modeling 
Scientific Applications in Object Databases,  Seventh International Working Conference on 
Scientific and Statistical Database Management, September, 1994.

  with D. Maier, D. Feller, M. Rao, M. DeVaney and M. Rao.  Object-Oriented Database Support 
for Computational Chemistry,  Sixth International Working Conference on Scientific and Statistical 
Database Management, June, 1992.

  with D. Maier and others.  Object Data Models for Shared Molecular Structures, in 
Computerized Chemical Data Standards:  Databases, Data Interchange, and Information Systems, 
R. Lysakowski (ed).  STP 1214, ASTM, May 1993.

Other Publications and Presentations
 with John Aikin Cushing and Andrew Buchman.  Computer Science and the Arts, in Computing 
and Social Responsibility:  A Collection of Course Syllabi, ed. T. Winograd and B. Friedman, 
pub. Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, 1991.

  with Yoshio Kimura and John Aikin Cushing.  Computer Graphics with LOGO, in  Basic 
Mathematics, vol. 22, no. 11, November,  1989 (in Japanese).

  Software Engineering Education at Evergreen, Proceedings of the ACM Computer Science 
Education Symposium, February 1987.

  Modeling Scientific Processes in Object Databases,  NSF-organized Session on Advances in 
Data Management for the Scientist and Engineer, AAAS Annual Meeting, February 14-16, 1993.

  Scientific Data Management '92 (by invitation only).  Department of Energy Workshop on 
Metadata for Environmental Science Databases, Salt Lake City, November 2-4, 1992.

Selected Awards, Grants and Contracts
  1994.  with C. Barlow, J. Kelly and E. Kutter.  NSF ILI Equipment Grant, matched by the 
Murdock Charitable Trust.  Computer Graphics Visualization:  Collaborative Laboratory 
Experiences Integrating the Physical, Biological, and Computer Sciences.  ($40,000 each).

  January 1994 - June 1997.  PI, NSF CISE Educational Infrastructure Grant.  Integrating Recent 
Computer Science Research Results into an Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Curriculum.  

  August 1993 - present.  PI with E. Kutter.  NSF CISE IRI Grant.  Computational Proxies for 
Genomic Databases.   ($95,000)

  March 1991 - September 1993.  Fellowships and Research Grants with David Maier, from 
Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories, Oregon Advanced Computing Institute, Oregon Graduate 
Institute, and the Boeing Corporation. (over $300,000)

  1986.  with John Aikin.  NSF ILI grant to establish an undergraduate computing laboratory 

  1986 and 1987. with colleagues. AT&T equipment grants to support computing in the physical 
and computer sciences  (approx. $800,000).

 1985- 1987.  Software and education grants from Evergreen, Boeing, The Wang Institute, Arty 
and Data General Corporation to support the undergraduate software engineering curriculum  
(approx. $15,000).

 Collaborators and Advisor(s)
Collaborators:  Elizabeth Kutter (Biological Physics) and Nalini Nadkarni (Environmental 
Science):  The Evergreen State College.  David Maier, David Hansen, Calton Pu, Meenakshi Rao, 
and Don Abel:  The Oregon Graduate Institute.  David Feller, Michael DeVaney, Mark Thompson:  
Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories.  George Purvis:  CAChe Scientific.

Ph.D. Committee:  David Maier (chair), Jonathan Walpole and Steve Otto, Oregon Graduate 
Institute.  David Feller:  Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories.