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Carri J. LeRoy

Ph.D., 2005, NAU


Carri LeRoy is a freshwater ecologist with research experience in both streams and lakes. Her research focuses on how riparian forests interact with streams and provide energy through leaf litterfall. Her research has shown that both the species diversity and genetic diversity of these litter inputs can affect in-stream leaf litter decomposition rates, aquatic fungi and aquatic macroinvertebrates. Her current research focuses on how leaf litter and salmon carcass inputs interact, what drives global patterns of leaf litter decomposition, and how genetic variation in Populus trichocarpa (black cottonwood) alters phytochemistry and leaf litter dynamics. With collaborators in Sweden, she is involved in research examining the effects of genetically modified Populus hybrids on ecosystems and aquatic communities.  Other topics she is interested in include: invertebrate community ecology, trophic dynamics in lake ecosystems, long-term monitoring of ecosystem function, and issues of aesthetics in science.

Carri is now also the Co-Director of the Sustainability in Prisons Project (SPP), program that brings science and nature into prisons, and hopes to reduce the environmental, economic and human costs of prisons. SPP is a partnership between The Evergreen State College and the WA Dept. of Corrections, but is expanding . Visit for more information.




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Catching leaves in Utah


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Helicopsyche sp., Photo M.E. Worthen