Photos from 2015 summer surveys of four streams created following the Mt St Helens eruption in 1980. A study of stream development and community assembly


"Washington's Rivers and Streams" on Columbia River 2010     Large experiment manipulating both leaf litter genetics and salmon carcass (chum) presence


      "Environmental Analysis" 2008-2009                                     "Field Experiments in Ecological Genetics" 2009


       "Watershed Ecology" 2006                                                                                        Cottonwood Ecology Group circa 2002 - Northern Arizona Univ.


Cottonwood Hybrid Zones across the U.S.                               Study sites in Arizona: Wet Beaver Creek, Sedona, AZ            Fossil Creek, Strawberry, AZ


  Two different methods for collecting abscising leaf litter                                                              Quizzical collaborators outside Flagstaff, AZ



   Leaf litter decomposition photos: A: Rebecca Davis (NAU, 2003) placing leaf litter bags, B: Organizing leaf litter bags in the field,

     C: Submerged leaf litter bags in Fossil Creek, AZ, D: Allen Haden and Kristin Kolanoski placing litterbags in Weber River, UT.