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Freshwater Ecology Lab at The Evergreen State College

Past Student Research Projects:

Does the effect of a hybrid mimic the effect of a mixture?
W.M. Andrews, C.J. LeRoy, and D.G. Fischer




Hybridization effects on seedling recruitment and aboveground NPP in cottonwood riparian zones
S.C. Janda, A.B. Stygar, C.J. LeRoy, D.J. Baer, M.T. Bitz, and D.G. Fischer



Riparian Overstory Community Structure among Zones, Weber River, UT
N. E. Marks, J.P. Walker, C. Ziegler, and C.J. LeRoy






Ants, Aphids and Populus, oh my!

M. Bitz, C. Zeigler, J. Reynen, and C.J. LeRoy




Genetic-Based Interaction Between a Keystone Bird Species and a Foundation Tree Species

J.P. Walker, S. Alexander, A.B. Stygar, C.J. LeRoy



Soil Characteristics in a Populus Common Garden

D.J. Baer, E. Ellick-Flettre, S.C. Janda, N.E. Marks, J.A. Schweitzer, C.J. LeRoy




Specific Leaf Area is non-responsive to tree genotype or elevation

S. Alexander, E. Ellick-Flettre, D.J. Baer, and C.J. LeRoy




Quantifying Root Biomass among Poplar Genotypes

in a Common Garden

C. Zeigler, M. Bitz, C. Theriot, and C. LeRoy






MES Thesis Projects:

  • Husby, Jennie F. 2012. Pollinators May Not Limit Native Seed Viability for Puget Sound Lowland Prairie Restoration.
  • Weber, Sarah R. 2012. Environmental Education in Prison: A Comparison of Teaching Methods and Their Influence on Inmate Attitudes and Knowledge of Environmental Topics
  • Whisman, Marisa K. 2013. Revegetation of Post-Dam-Removal Riparian Sediments in the Lower Elwha River, Wa.
  • Waterstrat, Frithiof Teal. 2013. Characteristics of Three Western Pearlshell (Margaritifera Falcata) Populations in the Chehalis River Basin, Washington State.
  • Martin, Andrea S. 2013. How Significant and for Whom? Investigationg the Influence of Conservation Corps on Environmental Attitudes.
  • Andrusyszyn, Robyn. 2013. Using Fire for Butterflies: Soil Characteristics Across a Burn Gradient in Western Washington Prairies.
  • Aubrey, Dennis. 2013. Oviposition Preference in Taylor's Checkerspot Butterflies (EUPHYDRYAS EDITHA TAYLORI): Collaberative Research and Conservation With Incarcerated Women.
  • Gallagher, Brittany E. 2013. Science and Sustainability Programs in Prisons: Assessing the Effects of Participation on Inmates.
  • Harrington, James W. 2014. Quantifying Land Use Disturbance Intensity (LDI) in the Skokomish River Watershed.
  • Mann, Jaal G. 2014. Prairie Fire as a Selective Agent: Second-generation Responses and Plant Community Shifts.
  • Ras, Drissia. 2014. A Laboratory Assessment of Biosand/Kanhan Arsenic Water Filters.
  • Stendahl, Rachel. 2014: Examining the Ship Strike Risk of Humpback Whales in Northern Washington State.
  • Wefferling, Leif T. 2014. Forage Fish Spawning in the Elwha Nearshore: Ecological Form and Function in a Changing Environment.