Tim's Home Page

I'm the taller one

Welcome to my homepage. I live in Olympia, WA and work in the Cataloging Dept. at the Evergreen State College.

  Photos of the kids!

My Top 10 cds of 1997--Wow!

Some of my favorite books

  Cataloging rules!

Photos from a trip to Whistler, B.C.

      Photos from a trip to Mt. Baker

My car: (well, someone else's, actually, but mine looks a lot like this on a good day)

See the shocking photo that Tim begged would never be published

    Some favorite links:


Out West on-line
  ICE Magazine home page : the CD news authority

     A good reference source for CD release dates and news


     A great place to find powerpop CDs and vinyl

The War Against Silence

      Glenn McDonald's amazingly literate and humorous music reviews.

U.S. Masters Swimming website

      Rules, regulations, resources for swimming

Nice comments? e-mail me: markust@evergreen.edu