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EEON is a long-term research effort involving students and faculty conducting research on patterns and process in a 1000 acre Puget lowland second-growth rainforest at the Evergreen State College, WA.  Our efforts are centered on 44 intensively-studied long-term monitoring plots where we are measuring biological diversity, development, carbon dynamics, avian diversity, trees, snags, sub-canopy vegetation, and down-woody debris. We use a rotating subset of 10 plots to conduct detailed measurements of soil CO2 efflux, root production, spatial relationships between trees and and soils. These data allow us to improve understanding of carbon dynamics and forest structure in a model lowland Puget Sound forest, as well as develop and ask interesting questions related to forest structure and diversity. Please contact us about data sharing and joint projects. We are managed by the Evergreen Field and Ecosystem Ecology lab at the Evergreen State College.

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Featured Research: Belowground Carbon Flux




Here is a figure from our recent work showing a positive relationship between tree diversity and soil CO2 efflux.

Our lab uses multiple methods to understand variation in below ground processes in response to tree diversity. We have examined C flux below ground using scanner-based minirhizotron technology (CI-600), IRGA technology, estimation of total below ground carbon allocation, root excavation, and (in collaboration with other labs) nitrogen mineralization and microbial community techniques.

Root Scanner:

The CI-600 is a scanner based technology which takes large underground images (21.59 x 19.56 cm) in buried 6.99 cm diam. acrylic tubes. For more information please see


See Our Plot Visualizations:

EEON plots in google earth

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2009:  Student poster the 2009 Ecological Society of America meetings in Albuquerque, NM: Kirsch, J.L., A.N. Kazakova, E.B. Anderson and D. G. Fischer. 2009. Pacific Northwest Second-Growth Forest Carbon Dynamics and Tree Diversity

2008: Student poster the 2008 South Sound Science Symposium (S4): Kazakova, AN, JL Kirsch, and DG Fischer. 2008. Carbon Storage and Productivity Estimates in a Second-Growth Forest



The Effect of the Understory Species Polystichum munitum on Nutrient Cycling / By: Callie Meredith

The Mapping of Barking Dog Creek / By: Al Fischer


What's New

We are currently finishing our one-year pulse on minirhizotron and soil CO2 efflux measurments  
We are linked in google earth!  
We have just finished a 2010 survey of plots using ground-based LiDAR  
More soon!