Pheidole chocoensis Wilson 2003

Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

worker face view

worker lateral view

major face view

major lateral view


Minor worker: head length 0.70mm, head width 0.49mm, scape length 0.95mm, Webers length 0.93mm (n=1). Head elongate, subtrapezoidal behind, with distinct vertex collar; promesonotal and metanotal grooves impressed; anepisternum impressed relative to katepisternum; propodeal spines very short, joined by a faint tranverse carina; face smooth and shiny; pronotum smooth and shiny; katepisternum and lower side of propodeum faintly foveolate, overlain with faint oblique rugae; anepisternum, mesonotal dorsum, and propodeal dorsum smooth and shiny; gaster smooth and shiny; dorsal pilosity sparse, short, flexuous; color red brown.

Major worker: head length 1.43mm, head width 1.32mm, scape length 0.94mm (n=1). Much of face shallowly rugose foveolate, vertex lobes shiny; hypostomal margin with pair of teeth, about 3/4 distance from midline to recessed teeth flanking mandibles, hypostomal teeth larger than recessed teeth; setae on face, mesosoma, and gaster abundant, short (longer on gaster), erect, flexuous; abundant short setae projecting from vertex lobes but not from sides of head in face view.


Colombia, Costa Rica. Costa Rica: Atlantic slope to 800m.

Selected Records

La Selva: at baits on ground.

Penas Blancas Valley: mature wet forest; in Winkler sample.

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