Pheidole fimbriata Roger 1863

Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

worker face view

worker lateral view

major face view

major lateral view


Mexico to Argentina. Costa Rica: Atlantic lowlands.


Minor worker: head length 0.89mm, head width 0.87mm, scape length 0.92mm, Webers length 1.14mm (n=1). Head flattened, only weakly convex behind; eyes small, 10-15 facets; promesonotum evenly arched, mesonotal suture weak; propodeal spines of moderate length; face shiny, coarsely reticulate rugose; mesosomal dorsum coarsely reticulate rugose; katepisternum and lateral propodeum foveolate; gastral dorsum smooth and shiny; dorsal pilosity abundant, long, somewhat stiff, black; patches of yellowish lanose pubescence on anterior pronotum and ventral surface of petiole; color red.

Major worker: head length 3.19mm, head width 2.92mm, scape length 1.30mm (n=1). Face shiny, longitudinally carinate, becoming reticulate rugose on vertex lobes; hypostomal margin deeply excavate, with a blunt median tooth, and two large, oblique teeth flanking inner mandible bases; dorsal pilosity abundant; head with abundant short black setae projecting from sides in face view.

Natural History

Inhabits mature wet forest.

Selected Records

La Selva: Winkler samples.

La Selva: a foundress with small workers was observed in a dead stick in the leaf litter (Chris Thompson study).

La Selva: Longino was collecting at night, and observed minor workers and soldiers pouring over a section of trail. There were numerous columns on the trail surface. Many of the workers were going in and out of a 1cm diameter hole with abundant excavated soil piled to one side of the hole. Other similar holes were further along the trail, but there was no activity around them.

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