Pheidole olsoni Wilson 2003

Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

worker face view

worker lateral view

worker face view

worker lateral view


Minor worker: head length 0.42mm, head width 0.40mm, scape length 0.40mm, Webers length 0.52mm (n=1). Head rounded behind with impressed median area; mesonotal suture absent; promesonotum evenly arched; propodeal spines medium length; face and most of mesosoma uniformly foveolate; most of katepisternum and lower side of propodeum smooth and shiny; first gastral tergum smooth and shining; promesonotal dorsum with 16 or more medium length, moderately stiff setae; some dorsal setae with nearly microscopic branches near apex; color orange.

Major worker: head length 0.78mm, head width 0.63mm, scape length 0.32mm (n=1). Face largely foveolate; puncta overlain with faint rugulae; hypostomal margin gently concave, with stout median tooth and distinct lateral teeth about two thirds distance to recessed teeth flanking mandible bases; dorsal pilosity moderately abundant; head with short, suberect pilosity projecting from sides of head in face view.


Costa Rica, Panama.


The holotype is a major worker collected by David Olson at Refugio Eladio in the Penas Blancas Valley. We examined a series from Panama (Volcan Chiriqui, 18 Aug 1935, coll. L. Hare), and the major matches very closely the holotype. These specimens also match very closely a series of workers and one soldier collected at Las Cruces by L. and A. Alonso (in association with M. Kaspari). Multiple collections have been made by Project ALAS sampling along the Barva transect, from La Selva to the 1100m site.

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