Gnamptogenys triangularis (Mayr 1887)

Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

worker face view

worker lateral view


Costa Rica to Argentina; introduced in southern Florida, USA (Deyrup et al. 1989, Lattke 1995). Costa Rica: La Selva and Osa Peninsula.


Promesonotal suture very faintly impressed, not breaking sculpture; scapes surpass margin of vertex when laid back; mandibles distinctly triangular, basal margin flat; propodeum with small peg-like teeth; pronotal dorsum with longitudinal costulae that extend all the way to the anterior margin, only occasionally with one or two obscure transverse costulae at the junction of pronotum and occiput; posterior lobe of subpetiolar process low, much smaller than large anterior tooth.

Natural History

Lattke (1995) reports this species as a millipede specialist found in humid forests. In Corcovado National Park, I observed a worker with milliped prey. triangularis has been introduced in south Florida (Deyrup et al. 1989).

The Costa Rican records I have of this species are as follows:

Puntarenas: Sirena, Corcovado National Park, 829'N, 8336'W, 5m (J. Longino). (1) Worker on log. (2) Single worker with millipede prey. (3) Workers on large tree trunk. (4) Canopy Ficus; dealate queen walking on branch.

Lattke (1995) reports a collection from La Selva Biological Station.

Taxonomic Notes

Costa Rican material has shiny, smooth scapes, with no trace of striae. As a result, it does not key correctly in Lattke (1995).

Type data

Ectatomma (Gnamptogenys) triangularis Mayr 1887:544. Type queen: Uruguay.

Literature Cited

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