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Gnamptogenys species known from Costa Rica

Gnamptogenys alfaroi (Emery 1894)

Gnamptogenys annulata (Mayr 1887)

Gnamptogenys banksi (Wheeler 1930)

Gnamptogenys bispinosa (Emery 1890)

Gnamptogenys bisulca Kempf and Brown 1968

Gnamptogenys concinna (Fr. Smith 1858)

Gnamptogenys curtula (Emery 1896)

Gnamptogenys haenschi Emery 1902

Gnamptogenys hartmani (Wheeler 1915)

Gnamptogenys interrupta (Mayr 1887)

Gnamptogenys JTL-005 (cf. porcata) Longino ms.

Gnamptogenys JTL-006 (cf. strigata) Longino ms.

Gnamptogenys mecotyle Brown 1958

Gnamptogenys minuta (Emery 1896)

Gnamptogenys mordax (F. Smith 1858)

Gnamptogenys porcata (Emery 1896)

Gnamptogenys regularis Mayr 1870

Gnamptogenys simulans (Emery 1896)

Gnamptogenys stellae Lattke 1995

Gnamptogenys striatula: see curtula, wheeleri.

Gnamptogenys strigata (Norton 1871)

Gnamptogenys sulcata (Smith 1858)

Gnamptogenys tornata (Roger 1861)

Gnamptogenys triangularis (Mayr 1887)

Gnamptogenys volcano Lattke 1995

Gnamptogenys wheeleri (Santschi 1929)

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