Eciton burchellii foreli Mayr 1886

Ecitoninae, Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

minor worker lateral view

minor worker petiole, lateral view

Above images are of minor worker. See images of the nearly identical burchellii parvispinum for major worker.


Species: throughout the Neotropics. Subspecies: Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama (type locality), Colombia, Ecuador. Costa Rica: Atlantic lowlands to 800m.


Minor worker: head and mesosoma black, metasoma yellow red; occipital tooth small but present; petiolar teeth in the form of short nearly right-angle flanges, either extending onto posterior face of propodeum as separate short carinae, or joined horizontally and forming scoop-like structure, with no descending carina; petiole relatively short and hump-shaped, with no anterodorsal elevated flange; fourth abdominal tergite with short, sparse appressed pubescence beneath erect setae.

Major worker: head and metasoma yellow red, mesosoma also yellow red or variably infuscated with red brown; face densely micropunctate, matte; long sickle-shaped mandibles simple, without tooth on inner margin; other characters as in minor.

Similar species: burchellii parvispinum.

Natural History

See burchellii parvispinum.

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