Bombus californicus F. Smith, 1854

Bombinae, Apidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

Matthew P. Kweskin

31 Mar 1997

Thorax Head Abdomen
Pile of scutum in front of tegulae yellow; thoracic pleura black. Face with black pile. Gastral tergum four yellow.

Identification- The females of this species can be seperated from the other species with only a single yellow thoracic stripe (B. vosnesenskii) by the color of the pile of the face. In B. californicus the head pile is mostly black, in B. vosnesenskii it is all yellow.

B. vosnesenskii B. californicus

Geography- B. Californicus is limited to the western states. On the pacific coast it is found from British Columbia to Southern California.

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