Bombus flavifrons Cresson, 1863

Bombinae, Apidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

Matthew P. Kweskin

31 Mar 1997

Thorax Head Abdomen
Pile of scutum and scutellum yellow and black mixed; pleura yellow. Pile of face yellow with black. Gastral terga 1 and 2 yellow, at least laterally; terga 3 black, sometimes yellow basally; terga 4, 5, 6 mostly black.

Identification- It is very difficult to distinguish female B. flavifrons from B. sitkensis in the Olympia, Washington area. In other regions there is less difficulty. According to Stephen (1957), B. sitkensis females always have reddish pile on gastral terga five and six and they lack a median ridge on the hypopygium. Therefore, B. flavifrons females have dark hair on gastral terga five and six or they have a median ridge on their hypopygium.
B. sitkensis B. flavifrons
T5 and 6 with brownish red hairs T5 and 6 with mostly dark hairs
Hypopygium without ridge Hypopygium sometimes with ridge

Geography- B. flavifrons is found in the Pacific Coast states from British Columbia to Southern California.

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