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The genus Amblyopone is recognized by the lack of eyes, the serially dentate anterior border of the clypeus; elongate, sublinear mandibles with dentition similar to border of clypeus; and a characteristic petiole shape with the posterior constriction shallow relative to most ants. The petiole shape is shared with Prionopelta, but the mandibles are distinctive.

There are three species known from Costa Rica. The most common is orizabana, a small, orange species with 12-segmented antennae. The other two are very rare (or at least hard to collect) and are known from single sites within Costa Rica. mystriops is a large, dark brown species, with 12-segmented antennae. degenerata is an extremely small, orange species with 6-segmented antennae.

Amblyopone species known from Costa Rica

Amblyopone degenerata Borgmeier 1957

Amblyopone mystriops Brown 1960

Amblyopone orizabana Brown 1960

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