Megalomyrmex JTL-003 Longino ms (cf. mondabora)

Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

worker lateral view

worker face view


Mandibles with large apical tooth, smaller subapical tooth, and series of 7-8 denticles of more or less uniform size; mandibles shiny, with large piligerous punctures; mandibles with basal margin rounding into masticatory margin, the two margins not sharply differentiated at an angular juncture, and thus the mandibles less triangular than mondabora; clypeus produced and subangular, not evenly convex as in mondabora; occipital carina visible in face view; propodeal suture deeply impressed; propodeum with dorsum slightly impressed, weakly developed tubercles, such that there is a weak differentiation of dorsal and posterior faces in lateral view; ventral margin of postpetiole flat, transversely rugose; color shiny black; HW 0.64; HL 0.87, SL 0.89; WL 1.30 (n=1).


Costa Rica. Mid-elevation Atlantic slope, Cordillera Central to C. Guanacaste.

Natural History

I know this species only from Winkler samples from 16km N Vol. Barba, Penas Blancas, and Pitilla.

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