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Overview of the genus Megalomyrmex

This is a distinctive group of uncommon myrmicines that occur throughout the lowland neotropics. Some species have large colonies with nests in the soil (e.g., modestus, foreli). Others are known mainly as rare occurrences in Berlese or Winkler samples (e.g., drifti). Others appear to be specialized commensals, parasites, or predators of small attines (e.g., symmetochus, mondabora, wettereri; reviewed in Adams et al. 2000).

Brandao (1990, 2003) is the taxonomic expert of the group.

Jones and colleages have investigated the venom chemistry of several species of Megalomyrmex (Jones et al. 1991a, 1991b, 1999). From a chemical point of view, Megalomyrmex venoms are particularly strange and particularly toxic.

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