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Procryptocerus of Central America

Procryptocerus species known from Panama to Mexico (Longino and Snelling 2002) (all are known from Costa Rica except hylaeus, which is known from Panama southward):

Procryptocerus attenuatus (F. Smith 1876)

Procryptocerus batesi Forel 1899

Procryptocerus belti Forel 1899

Procryptocerus coriarius (Mayr, 1870)

Procryptocerus eladio Longino and Snelling 2002

Procryptocerus hylaeus Kempf 1951

Procryptocerus impressus Forel 1899

Procryptocerus kempfi Longino and Snelling 2002

Procryptocerus mayri Forel 1899

Procryptocerus nalini Longino and Snelling 2002

Procryptocerus paleatus Emery 1896

Procryptocerus pictipes Emery 1896

Procryptocerus scabriusculus Forel 1899

Procryptocerus tortuguero Longino and Snelling 2002

Accounts for additional South American species

Procryptocerus carbonarius  (Mayr 1870)

Procryptocerus goeldii  Forel 1899

Procryptocerus hirsutus  Emery 1896

Procryptocerus rudis  (Mayr 1870)

Procryptocerus schmitti  Forel 1904

Procryptocerus seabrai  Kempf 1964

Procryptocerus subpilosus  (F. Smith, 1860)

Procryptocerus victoris  Kempf 1960

Procryptocerus virgatus  Kempf 1964

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